I've spent the last decade in theological training and now want to share my thoughts with the world. I went on a writing hiatus for a few years due to PhD work. Now that I'm done, I will be writing about all that I learned through those years. Please enjoy and thanks for the visit!

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Liturgical Calendar a Gospel Focus

February 15, 2021 0
  It is Lundi Gras and this Wednesday believers around the world will begin 40 days of fasting and intense lament worship. For my family, we...

Why Learn Hebrew/Greek

July 31, 2020 0
In one week I will begin teaching Hebrew at Oklahoma Baptist University. Many may/have asked why they should learn a biblical language? We...

A Quick Review: "The Water that Divides" by Donald Bridges and David Phypers

March 04, 2020 0
As a south Lousiana minister, and one who participates in ecumenical coalitions (Ligonier and T4G), I have constantly needed to read and und...

A Quick Review: "They were all togeth in one place: Toward Minority Biblical Criticism" by Bailey, Liew, and Segovia

March 03, 2020 0
As a biblical interpretation PhD I was introduced and forced to learn dozens of methods of interpreting Scripture. However, one method was n...

A Quick Review: "Covenantal Theonomy" by Kenneth Gentry Jr

March 02, 2020 0
All Christians, at some point, are confronted with interpreting and possibly applying Old Testament law. As a student of covenantal theol...

A Quick Review: "The End of Protestantism" by Peter Leithart

February 29, 2020 0
My family is quite diverse for we have Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist roots. Because of my family background, my supervising master’s ...

The Wizard of Oz and Baptist Presidents

April 08, 2019 0
My mother once told me how the Wizard of Oz, in black and white, was horrifying and scary. However, when she later saw the movie in color,...

A Lesson From Two

March 26, 2019 0
As many of you know, I like nice things, but when I build something I always make 2 of them. The reason for the doubles is a theological o...

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